Friday, May 02, 2008

Legally Free

This is one of my favorite philanthropic projects, aimed at getting more free music samples and production tools to those eager to express themselves musically.
The challenges facing artists in rural areas and regions with limited connectivity are also overcome. “Music production, for one, can be very expensive,” insists Hudson. “The software required costs thousands of Rands and music samples are also expensive, making it difficult for musicians to express themselves. With the Freedom Toaster, artists will now be able to obtain the tools and other materials needed for their work, irregardless of their Internet connectivity and for free.”
Or, if it's not specifically music that interests you, but computers more generally, the Freedom Toaster is potentially a goldmine of legally free assets and information. Just make your selections, insert your CDs, and burn. Get what might take days to download, in just minutes.

The Shuttleworth Foundation
Republic of South Africa