Monday, May 19, 2008

Selling the War

Recapping tonight's analysis, with AFSC presenting at a Quaker meetinghouse in Portland:

Most Iraqis don't actually believe those silly media stories about how they'll all begin killing one another on religious grounds, once the occupation ends. In the last twenty times an occupation has ended, that never happened (the Brits warned of it too, in the early 1900s). Things usually get better, when the wannabe back seat driver goes home.

The question most Iraqis are focused on: when will the last foreign soldier and/or privatized combatant finally quit the country? That'll be a first step towards normalizing relations.

Especially interesting to Iraqis is that all three presidential candidates seem to still harbor fantasies of permanent bases; another USA president living in a dream world, so what else is new right? Nixon's sure was surreal.