Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Greetings from Richmond

Some folks around here, merchants included, have taken to calling this the "Hawthorne District," but our neighborhood newsletter is still about Richmond. Hawthorne Boulevard is actually our northern border, with Sunnyside neighborhood across the way. Powell, otherwise known as Highway 26, limits us to the south.

In cyberspace, I'm waiting for a level three engineer to do something in Apache that'll make Python source files pop up on screen, like before. The takeover of digitalspace.net by jumpline.com hasn't been entirely without glitches.

I'm in a coffee shop with Derek, thinking about what to have next. A rooiboos latte, honey infused, might be good.

I'm expecting to have dinner with Dave, missing Wanderers this time. Martin Zwick is presenting on his paper Systems Metaphysics: A Bridge from Science to Religion. I made some comments in the egroup about it, which I'll now dump to a world readable text for public linking purposes.

We were hoping Larry might join us at dinner this evening, but he's tackling his basement, trying to diagnose a problem. Derek may be otherwise occupied as well.

Tara phoned from a mountain wilderness area covered by Verizon, saying she's having a great time hiking with Larry's Chris, Jane, June and Luci.

The call came while I was in said basement, enjoying slides of Amanda's wedding (Chris & Larry's youngest -- their eldest, Greg, is by now back in Moscow).

MetroFi continues to expand its coverage of Portland neighborhoods, per this browser mashup. [update: that link goes nowhere now, as MetroFi later quit the scene, might never have had a clear storyboard in the first place, hard to know].

Metrofi access points
in and around Richmond Neighborhood
July 31, 2007