Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Wanderers 2007.7.18

Dr. Moira Gunn is our guest at Wanderers this morning. She's chatting away about Philosophy Talk (she's a fan), the possible two channel solution to the need for more tech talk on the public air waves.

But mostly she's talking about her new biotech book (martini glass on the cover).

Speaking of that martini glass, why do hardened journalists carry hard liquor around (a stereotype perpetuated by many movies)? You can disinfect a cut with it, brush teeth with it, bribe with or give it as a gift, plus have fun with it. Even journalists who don't drink have been known to lug some liquor. And why scotch and not vodka? Easier to see if it's been diluted, plus how much you have left.

Now she's talking patents and big pharma in the context of a world economy, analogies to the music industry, trends in the price points, Brook Shields' tatoos. Obviously I'm in the presence of a true teacher, not "just" a journalist.

Earlier, we went around the circle introducing ourselves, giving thumbnails. Terry did his "I'm a contrarian" speech, some threw in deep questions (Don: "what hope do we have?"), while I pulled off a fifteen second version of my stump speech, this time with the added spin of having just returned from Vilnius, with lots of Wanderers happy to see me, me them. Hi Nancy!

The other aspect of my morning is I'm needed on stage for Day Two of this Saturday Academy class on Pythonic Math, a strategic Silicon Forest pilot.

I'll treasure this brief partial overlap with Moira as the sweet encounter it was for me.

OK, back to Razzmatazz, my trusty Subaru, waiting outside.