Thursday, August 02, 2007

The Simpsons (movie review)

[Some kind of "spy kid" review, excerpted from elsewhere]

Common knowledge that Simpsons, like Google, is heavily infiltrated, in the former case through Korea, as direct infiltration of domestics is forbidden (Google through China).

Hence the cleared-for-public-view insider shots of an NSA listening center, where Lisa's worst paranoias are confirmed. Those calls to the boyfriend next door might be monitored. Emails too.

More subtle was the allusion to Marvel comix superhero Spiderman, mixed with capitalist pig iconography and long associated with selfishness (Homer) and product fetishes (as in Wired Magazine -- Bart himself a manikin sex toy in some catalogs Flanders never sees (though his boys maybe do)).

Some may see the evil hand of Moscow in all this (environ- mentalism leverages such as Greenpeace against NATO), but that paranoia's maybe too old school for most tastes ("old school" as in "during recess -- monkey bar talk").

On a more positive note American Dad continues to boost recruiting volume through at least the first few hoops, among women especially (per long term equalization goals -- gotta bring guys up to speed).

Myself: recently returned from Lithuania, toured "KGB museum" disguised as an overweight American tourist (very persuasive, even to me).