Thursday, July 03, 2008

EPCOT Makeover?

I think everyone agrees the Kodak Pavilion is like a joke, except for the octet truss superstructure, in showcasing very ho hum ideas about the future, kind of like GM did (North America: home of the dinosaurs, like Jurassic Park on steroids).

So it's not like Americans are interested in creating good family wage jobs right now, given pessimism is so in vogue, but were they wishing to do so, a revamp of Epcot is long overdue. First: set it back to an acronym, EPCOT, like Disney intended. Second: avail of all that NASA type talent, that migrated to The Mouse after Apollo.

North Americans are good at showcasing future alternatives, getting feedback from focus groups, and that includes futuristic lifestyles using such as EcoMotion mobiles, FEDs, other newfangled toyz. Unlike Hollywood, we don't require suspension of disbelief at every turn. We may not have Santa hammered out yet, but we do make real motor cars (electric motors included).

Remember, Control Room had it first (we rock over here).