Sunday, July 20, 2008

Annual Session (Part Two)

I set up this tableau in my dorm room, as a sort of tribute to diversity among Friends. We come from all walks of life.

One of the highlights was talking with Leslie over lunch, after my interest group, about Paul Laffoley's art and those designs for a World Trade Center based on Gaudi's work.

She just happened to have an envelope, right there at the table, full of pictures of the Gaudi church in Barcelona, still under construction, which she'd visited recently. She also knew of another James Nayler bio still in the pipeline, will maybe get some more details.

Joe (likewise through Princeton) taught me later, over lunch, how Gaudi used bird bones to help teach himself architecture (Joe is a vet, knows quite a bit about animals).

Talent night included some stellar numbers. Luci and Katie sang a duet again, which I much enjoyed.

Tara joined Junior Friends in a skit about what each was in jail for (hence the tattoos), always something to do with deviating from Quaker practice and/or the "good order of Friends" (GOOF). One "misjudged the sense of the meeting" whereas another had "spoken beyond her light." Tara confessed to "skipping plenary... twice" (hey, opting out of tedious business processes shouldn't land one in jail!).

Joe & Co.
Mom got on stage with the Raging Grannies who led us in some favorite anti-war numbers.

Sarah's Quaker Youth Book Project of QUIP looks promising, reminds me of our local AFSC's United Voices (UV) in some ways. Kathy gave me a little more background. I'm learning so much at this conference.

I picked up a copy of Tribal Journeys 2008: Paddle to Quw'utsun (© 2008 The Intertribal Canoe Society and AFSC). It's too late to register for this year, so these handsome booklets fall in the "remainder" category. Nevertheless, I enjoy reading about the canoe trip route and studying the colorful navigational maps included therein.

Jane and Joe are off to New Orleans next. I wish them a lovely sojourn.

Now it's time to find Larry, per our plan to sneak off site for some Dutch Brothers coffee. Then I'm on tap to help with the children's program.