Saturday, July 12, 2008

Psy War: Who's Losing?

You get these pundits on Fox or CNN decrying Iran's plans to weaponize fission, not realizing the greater danger, to them, to their careers, is if Iran is telling the truth, is only interested in the civilian possibilities of nuclear power.

In the latter case, suggested as credible by the NSA, you have these hypocrites coming before the world saying "we have a God given right to do this, but we'll kill them if they try it" i.e. almost the essence of an indefensible position. Or does the IAEA have the right to make surprise visits at Hanford? I didn't see that in the papers if so.

Such psychological weakness is damaging to whatever side gives rise to such idiocy, so if Iran is telling the truth, then CNN is actually losing to Al Jazeera in the credibility department. Some pundits might want to polish other skills in that case, as their names will be mud in the industry -- same goes for journalists who can't see both sides (a professional responsibility no?).

Remember those aluminum tubes?