Friday, May 23, 2008

Prince Caspian (movie review)

Narnia has been conquered by Aguirre types (Telmarine, Taliban or whatever), complete with the right accents and swarthiness.

They treat Narnians like conquered (and feared) Aztecs or Incas (Aslan would know), and mount a Lord of the Rings style attack on this ruined Mayan Temple, its basement full of ancient iconography from the last Narnia movie.

OK, so I was in the wrong mood for a long (long!) epic battle. Good seeing Ents again, though these ones weren't talkative.

Tara thought the acting was excellent.

I thought too much leaning on the sound track and reaction close ups for effect. No real suspense or personal growth in the characters. Susan gets nowhere with her Prince. Aslan keeps wanting to make the same point.

A dreary, repetitious day dream, while waiting for the tube in machine world?

Maybe not such good storytelling from Dumbledumb this time?

So maybe I just miss my Ice Queen OK? There's more hope now that I've seen her alive again, never mind Edmund's macho fantasy of doing her in.

The website was impressive.