Friday, May 25, 2007

Design Science

Last night marked the completion of my Python for Wanderers course, during which I shared a new storyboard for using Python in the field to teach analytical thinking.

We don't always call it math (~M!) as it's more a mix of subjects: philosophy, computer science, graphical arts... music.

We're hoping to leverage the capabilities of the new technologies, including these inexpensive laptops now coming on the scene. has been investing in X3D recently, another way to make graphical material interactive and "fly through- able" (Octaga actually has a little paper airplane icon signifying "fly through").

I've embedded a screen sample. Plus there's been a lot of structural analysis going on behind the scenes. Sam was by 4D Studios not long ago, with the latest hardcopy version.

Yes, I agree, it looks a bit like the obelisk from 2001.

:: sam lanahan with
flextegrity prototype ::