Tuesday, May 08, 2007

At the Lab

Nick and I are waterholing @ Lucky Lab, connecting through PersonalTelco (he's on a MacBook, me the Toshiba, nowadays with a gig of RAM). Nick's just back from four months in Europe and Canada, including Ireland and Toronto, with lots of stories.

I was late to another power lunch with Arthur, the retired Ecotrust and AFSC VIP, because I was countering the carpenter ants in my garage. Arthur gave me his blessing on that, eco-unfriendly though I'm being. We ate at Portland Fish House, just a tad towards Mt. Tabor from Pauling's on Hawthorne.

Power lunch with Terry Bristol yesterday and Mio Sushi, just prior to a power walk with Trevor and Sarah-the-Dog to Laurelhurst then Ben & Jerry's. Trevor updated me on the twisted history of Oswald Mosley, with the partnership ending up buying the Obey Giant artist's hardcover magnum opus at Missing Link for $60.

Python meetup tonight, organized by some geek from Dallas. Looking forward.

I'm drinking Crazy Ludwig for beer, their signature Hawthorne Best Bitter being off line. The guy behind the bar said it was named for van Beethoven; I thought maybe that Neuschwanstien guy.