Sunday, May 20, 2007


Lots of geeks were cued to watch this segment on OLPC on 60 Minutes this evening.

I was first to publish a review to edu-sig, Python Nation's "Python in education" list (hosted at

Excerpt: "Negroponte himself comes across as a class act, handsome, well spoken, an idealist we can love. So the XO uses AMD chips, so what?"

In other news, Jason has agreed to take on Python Meetups in Portland, via the infrastructure. Per Kevin's input @ BarCamp, we've created an official ( mailing list for Portland as well. Thanks to Brad Allen of Dallas for hitting the restart button.

In my inbox: finish downloading Ubuntu Studio (37%), prepare and mail an NTSC DVD of my Dawn's bio & slides to Pat MacAodha; blog screen shots of Google Sketchup (free) doing domes 'n stuff; read more of George Tenet's "encoded spy novel" (I've enjoyed it so far, especially playing "musical chairs" in Georgia).

Sam called; we talked about poets. Dad'd be 77 today.

:: from the 3D warehouse ::