Saturday, June 02, 2007

Pioneer Century

:: tinkerbell ::
Today I joined Chris and Larry for Pioneer Century, one of Oregon's oldest organized cycling events.

We chose the shortest loop (45 miles). Whereas the workout was a real pipe cleaner for me, it was even more of a milestone for Chris, who started noticing troubling health symptoms during this same event last year. This year she conquered the course.

Part of the reason physically active people live longer on average is they notice changes earlier, when pushing themselves to perform. Many illnesses are far more subject to treatment if caught early.

Only a few cyclists marred the event by disrespecting signage and taking to the middle of a busy highway. Local motorists, always courteous, put a bright face on these antics, accepting that some tourists may be prone to goofy behavior.

Yesterday I put some finishing touches on my sixteen page Connecting the Dots: American Transcendentalism Meets Pythonic Math and sent it off to the Europython folks, with strong encouragement from my community. I might tweak it again slightly before putting a copy at my website.

:: playground at the half way point ::
I came home to some terrible news about a friend's 22 year old son's fatal car accident. My heart goes out to my friend and his family during this time of painful separation. I am lighting candles and sending them metta as my dear Dawn would say (and do).

:: in memoriam: filepe gonzalez ::