Sunday, December 30, 2018


In the movie reviewed below, Vice, we have a scene wherein they install offices for the veep all over town, which I found appealing.  People do that when they move around a lot.

Anyway, my two main perches are Blue House bound, in the sense that I have an outpost on each of two floors.  I have some work stations.

We're talking about a residential type of place, nothing unusual.  "Work station" is normal parlance for a home office and workspace, where a guest might have a laptop with WiFi.

I've bounced around a lot and had a lot of offices, but as a single individual, I'm bound to a sequential trajectory.  I'm not in all places at once, unless we all are, in which case what point am I making?

Guests have departed.  I visited Peter's model train setup, which is truly cool.  Lots of pictures taken.

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