Tuesday, December 18, 2018

More T4P

The idea of truckers as citizen diplomats is not new, as camel trains, and ships' crews, were always a medium of two way traffic, diplomatic and otherwise.  The technology has changed, certainly, in that camels were not equipped with ELD devices providing a log of the driver's up time, down time, sideways time.  A kind of quantum physics.

The driver's upkeep and well being are not necessarily those of a truck's.  True, the custom is for a given driver to haul the load from end to end, but there could be a switching yard, where the driver gets to rest (as mandated), but the truck continues with nothing more than a refuel and driver-ready check / inspection.

Again, I'm not being original, just borrowing from the airline companies, which vector crews and airplanes on different circuits.  Even the cockpit teams have their own autonomy, such that a given airplane my enjoy a lot of turnover in staffing in the course of a single day.  Truckers and pilots have always enjoyed many similarities.  I don't know if commercial routes are called lanes ever, but they could be.  Namespaces overlap a lot like that.

In GST, the cockpit or truck cabin tends to meld with what we call the "personal workspace" or PWS. Sure, it might be mobile, even hurtling through space.  The PWS is distinct from the Control Room, as a place, in that the latter brings many people together to monitor the same stream of events.  They provide overview, or what Quakers call oversight, and with supervisory powers come greater responsibilities for keeping aircraft safely separated.

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