Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Naked (movie review)

Great voyeur camera, inviting us to judge, then challenging our judgments.  I stuck around for the comments track, or at least some of it.

The two best parts, dialog-wise:  the riff on the impending Apocalypse, to the security guard; and the encounter with the two Scots, maybe brother and sister?  Language barriers among Anglophones.

Both skits were hilarious.

Apparently the director has evolved a technique for working with actors, based on lots of improv and rehearsal, that keeps them in the dark about the big picture, helping them stay innocent of the corrupting omniscience of filmic consciousness.
The film is billed as a comedy, but then isn't Kill Bill likewise over the top?  Gothic funny.  Like Psychoville.

I got a strong Eleanor Rigby vibe, watching all these lonely people, their comings and goings.  The anti-hero is definitely a wanderer, and very British (like Eleanor).

As observer, I got into like an R. D. Lang mode.  He was the psychologist who moved in with his patients, the better to "get crazy" from the inside.

Lang was a boyhood hero of mine, back when I imagined growing up to become a psy something-or-other.

Rated NC-17 or thereabouts, for nudity and language.  Not a recent film.

Picked at random, because Movie Madness gives me the freedom to do so.