Monday, June 20, 2016

Golden Rule (Part 2)


Part One of this story took place in the Quaker meetinghouse on Stark Street, however the seaworthy boat in question was around longer, per plan, and various scenarios intersected, as mentioned in my Facebook profile.  Lew Scholl got a ride thanks to conversations at the Solstice Party (Wanderers) that I missed.  Meliptus got involved.

Part Two was in Vancouver, Washington and featured several guest speakers, including my mom, for whom I served as chauffeur.  I hadn't realized the famous Leonard Peltier had a son named Chauncey, an Oregonian.  The Veterans for Peace organized and promoted this public-welcome event, in a room designed precisely for such public occasions in a Clark County public utility building.

I could give a lot more detail, however I took this opportunity to dive into Twitter more concertedly, part of my boot camp training, so I'll recommend poking around in @thekirbster at some point, scrolling back to this timeframe, if wanting to get more of a blow-by-blow as it were (more of the "as it happened" action).

Helen was a main presenter and mom gave us three reasons for hope:  the Ban Treaty (percolating); the city mayors of the world (good at saying no to would-be nukers); Marshall Islands taking a stand (as a victim of nuking wanting to see conditions of the NPT enforced).

Mom also links that wistfully-toned folk song, Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream to the Kellog-Briand Pact in a funny way, reminding us truth is stranger than fiction (it wasn't a dream at all).