Monday, October 01, 2012

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  • Kirby Urner 

     From emailed response:

    Advanced practitioners of world religions should organize co-venture brands e.g. an official JewBu temple (or franchise), then something Islamo-Catholic.
    With the right architects, it could be done.

    Then the services would be deliberate / designed blends as well. Minaret calls to prayer, allusions to the Tower of Babel (one of my faves). Lots of incense.
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  • Kirby Urner  

    Islamo-Catholic facility could be around appreciation for science, astronomy in particular (Vatican has official observatory), the fact that Arabic languages saved Greek knowledge during Dark Ages in Europe. These could be themes of a Christian-Islamic friendship enterprise, one of many collaborative undertakings the world religions could be designing. The world could use more Parliament of World Religions type "getting along" (not just "tolerating" which is a low standard).
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