Friday, October 19, 2012

Bluetooth Connection

The connection is slow, however it's a milestone for me.  The Droid brick kindly lent me by Steve Holden was the first in its series.  I re-upped with Verizon with a newer brick, a Razr / M, and now have it tethered, so I can tap into my blog with the Mac Air.

Widmer Brewery on Interstate (not an inter-state) has a guest airport, but the password wasn't working for me.  Time to test the new capabilities.  They're working.

I learned something about the court of Louis IVX today.  His most legitimate grandson had fallen in with the Quietists, related to Quakers I think.  That made him too "inner light" oriented ("sanctimonious" from the outside) and he was poisoned.  His partner too -- tell me more about her.  This is all according to Saint Simon, not really a saint, but a faithful chronicler of courtly life in that era, attuned to the intrigues.

I learned all this in chauffeur mode, which has its perks.  A routine doctor appointing.  I'm basically following the TRP model (Transportation Reaching People) but for Friendly Care (Anne Sharp is my boss then).  I've lost tack of Tom Connolly.

nearby billboard, uploaded from Raz/M