Saturday, July 14, 2012

Two Cameras

Two videographers capture the same performance in 2009, a Burning Man related event in Portland, Oregon.

I was videographer #2 with the trippy wandering camera.

Videographer #1 took an unwavering shot and got better sound.

Viewing suggestion:  roughly synch and play both at once, while muting the sound on #2 using the Youtube speaker control (then unmute #2 if you want to continue a little longer).

:: video 1 ::

:: video 2 ::

The performer, Lindsey Walker, had recently moved from Savannah, Georgia. She came in a Nissan with her own PA system (Bose), a keyboard, and a cat.

However, for this performance she made use of the house sound system.

What you're hearing though, is hand held camera pickup, hardly studio quality.

I treasure this song all the more now that she doesn't play it anymore, or at least not in this form.

Lindsey still performs in and around Portland, sometimes as a street musician.

You will see her (briefly) in the movie Occupation Nation by Portland's B-Media Collective.