Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Hunger Games (movie review)

Not unlike Cabin in the Woods in that the enslavers, the urban elite, has untold technologies it seems to only share with its "tributes" from the districts, the rural feeder zones.  No wonder the King (Donald Sutherland) seems nervous.  This would have to be a tense situation, especially for the 1%, anytime a strong underdog comes along.

They have maglev, amazing powers to control the environment, so why are the district people starving?  Somebody has to do the dirty work and oppression is the only way?  Mining (in District 12) looks as bad as ever.

OK, I admit it:  I was standing in line for food when the movie got started -- a little early by my calculations, plus this clueless couple got in front of me, not seeing the line behind.  Anyway, maybe it's all explained at the beginning.  Don't spoil it for me.  I'll see it again.