Saturday, August 06, 2011

Thinking Claymation

I was chauffeuring the chairman around, showing him Produce Row. Hawthorne and Morrison bridges were both mostly shut, so I was surmising Bridge Pedal was happening tomorrow morning.

Having just checked the web site, I see I was wrong. I'm glad I'm wrong because getting to our event would be difficult with that many bridges closed.

We went to Office Depot so Steve could better equip his Portland office. Earlier, at Angelo's with Steve and Patrick, I thought I'd texted Patrick's cell number to Melody (with permission) but later my phone showed no trace of such an outgoing message (Melody later: confirmed receipt). This phone also tries to sell me stuff, which I consider rude.

Another day in purgatory I guess, punishment for sins I'm still committing most likely.

Bridge Pedal
has Catholic connections so yakking about it, and sin, in the same post might actually be apropos.

At Steve's with Glenn I was saying how I was now Will Vinton's friend on Facebook. He's the founder of a famous claymation studio here in Portland. From his picture he reminds me of Jesse Ventura and G. Gordon Liddy.

I was leaning against the wall on the floor, doing some chuckling, taking a break from my queue at the carnival (geek fest, feast, nutritious meal).

Portland as ToonTown, is what I was again connecting through to at Math Forum, under "shovel ready". Steve has Python.TV registered, so why not? We'll need a lot of workshops perhaps, but then so did the WPA (perhaps we'd be able to bring more Python to the UN?).

Tomorrow I hope to see more of the thread with GS about population pressures in a world game context.