Thursday, August 18, 2011

Doing Hard

"Doing hard" is in contrast to "doing easy", taking me back to that funny movie from Laughing Horse Books and Video, based on a short story by William Burroughs.

I've asked David to come sit next to me in my office so we could surf the net and shop for the knives and case I managed to lose for him off the back of my bicycle. I want him to come out ahead.

We had way too much food, got started late, were lugging a piano (toy Casio), didn't get much help. Thanks to Betsey Kenworthy for taking the compost. She was there for the Nicaragua delegation meeting.

Here's what I posted to the Riseup pdxfnb list:

Alas, one of my worst FnB days ever.

I found David's chef knives (velcro roll) left behind at the
meetinghouse and stupidly put them on my bike rack, not well secured.

They didn't make it to the park.

I am committed to replacing every last one of them.

If anyone sees a nifty knife set appearing on Craig's List -- I'll buy
it back, oyster knives and all, no questions asked.

Dropped somewhere between 43rd and Stark and SE Taylor and 34th....

Also, I think starting our OTY pickup at 3 pm, when food prep starts
at 3:30 is just nuts.

We used to do our pickup at like 11:30 am.

Toting a battery powered piano slows things down, need extra time for that too.

Glad Elise came buy to give me a hug. Tre was kind to me at the park.

David is taking it well too, though clearly upset and disappointed.
I'm really sorry guy.