Monday, March 15, 2010

Serene Scene

Dr. Tag stopped by today, and prepared a fava bean lunch in our kitchen. I'd been taken to lunch earlier by the Boltons, so just stayed with black coffee.

Lindsey, working on gardening, came inside to join us. We sat around the living room table, sharing food, yakking about this and that. We talked about the Middle East and those domain names it hosts (Jordan, Lebanon etc.).

Tagrid was with her Yemeni friend earlier, knows quite a few people in Yemen, a great place at least in the old days. She's likely to travel in the Middle East again soon, though not in Yemen. I've added her resume (as distinct from her c.v.) to my 4D directory.

The Boltons and I talked about Powell's Books, its roots in Chicago (where Chuck and Mary first met my dad, independently of one another). They also wanted to talk about domain names (Israel, USA etc.). Chuck is a sociology professor emeritus with Portland State, which he came to from UC Davis, having trained at University of Chicago after WW2.

After lunch with the Boltons, I stopped by to visit Glenn's workshop on the Pauling Campus. He let me hold, and take pictures of: elk antler, pipe stone, manzanita root, abalone, walrus teeth, and a few other assorted raw materials he uses to make things. Glenn knows a lot about craftsmanship, teaches the subject. He's well versed in some of the Native American lore, like where much of the pipe stone came from (Minnesota).

After lunch, I helped Tag with some domain name issues, and burned a copy of her nephew's music CD. She's still working in my living room as I blog this, doing some banking. Later this evening, she'll teach her Arabic class at PCC.

Lindsey is back to gardening in the side yard, digging a new bed.

Tara, home from school, had the split peas and rice Lindsey cooked yesterday and is up in her room. We've turned the heat on for the evening hours, are mostly keeping the house chilly, trying to conserve peak oil.

The radical math ideas I espouse trickle out by osmosis during some of these conversations, but really I'm too into esoterica to make much political sense, don't sound like a pundit.

The other radical math teachers I'm working with tend to be pretty spacey as well, a breed of circus geek maybe? I've been developing some of the mythos on Synergeo.

Speaking of radical math, our Saturday venue is quitting the scene so don't expect to find it on your next Portland tour. Muddy Waters, around the corner is also gone, has been replaced with Bare Bones.