Sunday, March 07, 2010

More Negotiations


I've had lots of contract boilerplate to eyeball lately, nothing signed yet, on advice of attorney. The applied mathematics were intriguing, though not what I'd be tasked with specifically.

Regarding Iran, the initiative to criminalize nuclear weapons around the world is of course a principled religious position that many take in all faiths. I'm pleased if that's an official position within the Islamic orthodoxy. Whether this means the IAEA has complete access to US, Chinese and Russian facilities remains a point of controversy I suppose, although not for me.

This thing about calling the whole earth Israel and using a Fuller Projection to talk about the "no state solution" sounds kind of radical, even for the Laughing Horse crowd, but of course many rabbis already take the position that Israel, like Nirvana (or Samsara for that matter), relates to something more existentially primordial than some nation-state, even so in ancient times. That's esoterica however, in that most people only think in literal terms, about Persia etc.

When you virtualize, you make the whole earth the game field for any responsible planning, meaning one is taking more consequences into account. There's no contradiction in having cyber-nations or virtual nations assume responsibility for the whole earth, given "responsibility" doesn't mean dictating or behaving in some tyrannical fashion. The geek world's meme of "world domination" is related, and may be translated as "self mastery". So-called "desovereignization" may result in more responsible governance simply because the thinking is more realistic, less side-tracked by yesteryear's legal fictions.