Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Having cut some teeth with Google App Engine, I'm keen to learn more of these routing and templating solutions, the key to "HttpResponsiveness".

In the former category: Werkzeug. In the latter: Jinja2 and Flatland (the latter by Jason of PPUG fame).

On the Chicago front, I did some promotional work around our Python for Teachers.

I need to poke Lew on Facebook, hope OK I compared him to Vernon Jordan, Jr., -- trying to map DC memes to PDX more, as they've apparently stagnated out there, no surprise really. Capitalism at work.

Speaking of nation-building, I liked this bumper sticker on an obviously union-loyal rig: Fight the Rich, Not Their Wars.

Of course I don't believe in class warfare per se, as the concept of "class", like the concept of "race", is both bogus and obsolete (per Fuller, building on work in anthropology).

Speaking of Fuller, another Medal of Freedom winner by that same surname was honored on the CBS Evening News last night, the co-founder of Habitat for Humanity. Millard really got the ball rolling, in terms of where to put the focus, if wanting to win the war on idiocracy.

In Pythonic Mathematics, we're likely to subclass DwellingMachine or EnvironmentControl (sounds Javaesque), if wanting to get back to our retro "doll houses" of the 1900s (kinda dumb), e.g.
class Retro(DwellingMachine):

def __init__(self, it):
   self.weatherized = False
   self.heavy = True
   self.inefficient = True
   self.mortaged = True
   self.air_deliverable = False
   self.precision_parts = None
Watch out for that garbage collector! (insider Python joke).

Older generations have a right to be proud of their old fogie solutions (it's what they knew), but if the newer ones don't evolve the aerospace sector, serving civilians in our Global U... well, that'll be a sign they're still suffering from an internalized "military-industrial complex", a debilitating form of brain damage (post-WWII) that lowered IQs across the board.

Let's not stay stuck in that rut, eh? Look to Canada more? Smart cookies in those parts.

Only realistic positive futurism on TV will stimulate the economy at this point. No one cares about billions or trillions for ho hum more of the same. Let's build Old Man River City maybe? Lots of contracts for veterans.

Money-talk is mind-numbing, deadens the senses. Nobody smart just yaks about money. If someone comes forward as "an investment banker" and just talks money all the time, show him the door. That's not what it's all about. Even the hokey pokey is more relevant.