Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Wanderers 2008.11.25

I barged in late, having had business to attend to, arriving to a table surrounded by ten aging men, now eleven. Please pass the sake.

I remembered Jeff's book, which he'd left in our car.

We're talking about storage batteries at the moment...

Earlier the chatter focused on "Elena", that elvynchyk who ostensibly blasted through Chernobyl on her motorcycle taking pictures, the consensus today being that's not how it happened.

However, this being a story from Russia, which is really the cover story? Good for a laugh anyway. Potemkin Villages or whatever.

Effective art in any case, and cleverly packaged.

Lots of Quaker business today, both over the Web and in person.

Keith is showing and telling about an eight watt PC Engines ALIX with an AES encryption chip, which he plans to employ as a router tasked with decrypting the VPNs he's using.

It's time for some last minute shopping.