Sunday, April 06, 2008

Meeting Math

This YouTube [since removed] of Kraftwerk was experienced live by Trevor, in Seattle. The music was so loud his clothes rattled, definitely ear plug territory:

This second video is little branding gig for the Y2K World's Fair in Hannover, Germany:

Trevor and I were in the Multnomah Meetinghouse today, returning a medical supply, plus I'd come through earlier for adult education, missing M4W this time.

This is the same building we met in back in the early 1960s, soon after ESI transferred the property to AFSC and sponsors.

I connect Britney's Piece of Me to Kraftwerk because of the computery riff / refrain towards the end (2:06 - 2:24) -- "very electronique" as they say. Trevor pointed out the moire pattern allusions (0:16, 1:42 - 2:05 etc.).