Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I hadn't properly tuned in the fact that Texas, not Arizona, is the state engaged in the shameful and cowardly attack on an American community, however unusual and perhaps distasteful to others its anthropological structure (I'm not saying I'd join in this lifestyle, but this isn't about me).

Currently, it's looking like the call instigating the raid might have been a hoax, but never mind, families are being destroyed, government DNA testing enforced, all in the name of "preventing child abuse" -- laughable, and sad. Let's see which presidential candidates have the courage to weigh in. Or how about the incumbent, given which state we're talking about.

The arrogance of the so-called dominant culture is stunning in this scenario. I hope we don't see the USA out there trumpeting "human rights" again any time soon, the hypocrisy would just be unbearable.

This Borg-like and brutish hand of forced enculturation was used against pueblo and others in the same region (Native Americans, old timers). Several enlightenments have come and gone, but we still have these antediluvians among us. Texas has always been very "throw back," these still-thriving authentic old-style Mormons a case in point (score one for religious freedom).

Such cultural diversity was part of what made North America charming, until the police state came in, with their know-it-all psychologists, and ruined it for everyone. Who invited these people to our party anyway, not me.