Saturday, January 12, 2008

Launching the Mother Ship

Tonight Multnomah Friends celebrated a job well done in their newly remodeled facility.

Janet and I reminisced about the old lighting fixtures (as kids, we had plenty of time to stare at the ceiling).

Shortly after I got there, archivist Carl Abbott gave a quick synopsis of the building's history, including the Doug Strain chapter, which ended around 1963 on the stipulation that the AFSC have offices in the new Meetinghouse as long as it wished.

Fittingly, Marco was present, kids in tow, from the local office.

Lots of appreciation was expressed for the architect, by all accounts a very talented woman, and for the site supervisor, who learned a lot on the job, and for the couple who acquired the "house next door" allowing Friends to walk their talk by recycling, rather than wasting, an entire residence, by moving it some ten blocks away.

Excerpted below, an invitation from me to Wanderers, in recognition of the historic overlap in our respective trajectories.
Yo Wanderers!

There's already been some cross-fertilization twixt Ws (Wanderers) and Qs (Quakers) thanks to many historical and contemporary exigencies.

In case any of you are curious to see the inside of the newly remodeled Stark Street facility, which used to belong to Doug Strain's company before the zoning rules changed, there's an open house this evening from 5pm to 9:30pm, a potluck.
Nancy Ankorn and Don Wardwell joined me in their wandering capacity. Mark Allen sat with us and shared about his adventures in clothes-making and, more recently, welding.

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