Friday, January 18, 2008

Friends of Jung

I joined a throng of strangers, plus a Wanderer friend, to find out what J. Pittman McGehee had to say on the subject of love.

I'd always been curious about Oregon Friends of Jung, having grown up a Freudian of sorts, a focus in 8th grade (his Interpretation of Dreams in the school library), then Chaim Potok's The Chosen was fun, Woody Allen movies, later shifting gears though.

Anyway, I thought this guy did significant work, wielding those three Greek roots eros, philia and agape, mixed with more modern taxonomy ala DSM-IV and with more than a dash of mainline Protestant or Christian or whatever that was (big cross behind him, in a Methodist church -- no way to escape it and besides he embraces his religious credentials).

His value system grated against mine somewhat, but hey, it's not like he's my father or anything.

Although he had a structure to his talk, you could tell he was exploring, learning, discovering more about himself. Bottom line: compassion for self (among others) is critically important.

I'd gladly attend some of these other lectures I see scheduled, though not at the expense of missing my own workouts (it's one thing to watch other people work out -- I don't allow myself to just play a spectator role).

And speaking of workouts...