Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Wanderers 2007.11.21

The agenda for this meeting remained volatile right up through the opening, oscillating somewhere between "open" and "programmed."

The Tiller video (Stanford emeritus, one of the Bleep guys) was somewhat Wanderers like, but the audience was more polite and deferential than is our wont, so after about 45 minutes we paused the DVD and went ape for a few.

Then I had to bow out (taking my Dell laptop which had been playing the DVD -- fortunately we still had Bill's), owing to this being that Thanksgiving Season again, and I have a great deal to be thankful for, even amidst sorrow, plus a lot of logistics to handle.

Yesterday I thought Glenn was appropriately skeptical of this cymatic "face" as they call it, which might actually be one of those grays, and cousin to the one on Mars.

This political ad by Mike Huckabee and his friend Chuck Norris is hilarious.

Thank you Trevor, for turning me on to the Ulam Spiral.

As I was saying, I have much gratitude to express, many lucky stars to thank.