Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Chance of Rain

One of the most light hearted autobiographies I ever encountered was at a nearby coffee shop with this name. I don't know if it still has that bookish look any more (a passing phase), plus I know it no longer shows those Governor Schwarzenegger movies. Anyway, Salvador Dali's. Check it out sometime.

Wanderers: Barry is describing pre-WWII banking situations, leaving some guy to sleep it off in the vault.

I came in late, giving a heads up about another four-legged Wanderer candidate that might join us briefly. It's my practice to include non-humans in our gatherings.

We shall see. We also discussed fund accounting, vs. the more usual for-profit kind (DWA's specialty, and TBC's, is/was the former type of bookkeeping, used by many a 501(c)(3)).

We then broke out into some full blown kabbalah type conversation, lots of Hebrew letters (more unicode fun), thanks to Milt and his invited guest Ken. The Mayan and Wiccan calendars also received significant attention from the other end of the table. Portland is just like that.

I name dropped Stan Tenen but otherwise didn't have much to offer in this department. I've never read much Suarez, given all that time squandered on Synergetics (plus R&R).

The dog was beautiful. My sincere thanks to her handlers for sharing her with us.