Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Extremely Remote Living (XRL)

:: desert moon ::
I had lunch with Ron Marson of Multnomah Meeting on Monday, meeting at Nicholas' Restaurant on Grand Avenue. We split a vegetarian meza plate, plus I got Turkish coffee and Ron had fruit juice.

Earlier, I shared some of the same XRL-related information with Trevor at Peet's on Hawthorne.

If Mercy Corps or other disaster relief outfit is going to deploy dwelling machines in extreme circumstances, it makes sense for personnel to train on the same or similar equipment in relatively safe local environments with similar terrain.

Ron specializes in teaching science and mathematics concepts using simple off the shelf supplies. His wife, Peg, does a lot of the art work. He has some background in Ghana, working for the Peace Corps.

I'd like him to present to Wanderers one of these days, about his experiences on the science conference circuit, working with NASA, his education philosophy and its translation into practice.

Trevor's presentation is already tentatively scheduled.

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