Friday, April 20, 2007

Business Transaction

Jennifer @ Pauling House
The partnership decided to buy Jennifer, the Ubuntu box, from Derek, complete with keyboard and monitor, for $120. Maybe DWA'll be at least partially reimbursed from the coffee till, but that's neither here nor there.

Although the hardware was maybe priced a tad high -- the software is free -- Jennifer has sentimental value (to Derek too), plus I need a known quantity Linux box for my Python for Wanderers class, which begins next Thursday, in synch with my Pythonic Math class for Saturday Academy on the weekends.

Glenn was at work when I phoned and helped me set it up in the Pauling House. In just minutes we had an IP number and Google on screen, with speakers plugged in and ready to rumble.

Although I'll be projecting from a WinXP laptop a lot of the time, it'll be nice to demonstrate pretty much the same stuff running on this alternative open source platform. Wanderers wishing to familiarize themselves with a contemporary Linux distro will now have that opportunity as well.

recursive mural on Hawthorne