Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Congress at War

Congress keeps suckering for this "nation at war" hypothesis, and so eagerly swallows a lot of other bunk, in its mad scramble to please big ticket defense lobbyists.

Like, of course we're at war, the most profitable damn war the weaponry pros have ever seen: open ended, an inexhaustable supply of dispensible bad guys, enough religious righteousness to fuel a simmering armageddon to kingdom come. And so let's keep recruiting those extras, those fanatics we love to see killed.

But doesn't Congress have the power to say, "hey wait a minute, we're done with this war"? That's happened before. Wars get called off. People go back to being civilians. Soldiers come home from the front. Why isn't that happening? Doesn't anyone ever win eventually?

No, that's the whole point: Congress needs to keep certain people happy, come hell or high water (we've had a lot of both). So war it shall be, grimly, gravely, with much pageantry and show. A circus for the masses.

Welcome to Rome.