Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Back from Catalina

Avalon in February
(photo by K. Urner, Olympus Stylus 500)

After a couple blissful days watching breaking waves on Catalina, a movie makers' haven, I'm back in the world of "breaking news" on airport monitors.

CNN's "Situation Room" aesthetic seems especially shrill, more like a panic room. Whatever happened to simply monitoring events vs. squeezing them for cheap thrills?

Last night CNN was all about fungus in our pillows, close ups of dust mites. I suggest buying a Kirby if that's your concern; they suck pillows big time.

Today we're all up in arms about globalization, as if there's no discernable difference between UAE and OBL (they're both "Arab" right?).

Some idiots blow up a mosque and now it's civil war -- seems there's a real appetite for it, an eagerness for the next disaster, the next spectacle. Will TV be used to fan the flames or cool them? The medium works wonders either way.

OK I'm venting a bit. I've come down with a mild case of misanthropy. I'll shake it soon I hope.