Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Design Science

Terry Bristol and I had a high level meeting of the minds in my living room this afternoon. He said I needed more Christmas tree lights, and I agreed.

Bigger still, however, was my realization that his "intelligent design science" (a kind of science that's comfortable with teleological / purposeful language) and my "design science" (absorbed through years of immersion in the Fuller School), come close enough to form a closable cosmic gap.

Lots of big names in philosophy, many of them Greek, got tossed about. Terry's account of a certain Native American training (and rite of passage) reminded me a heck of a lot of est, in terms of sharing the same "getting it" experience.

Using the language of synergetics: Terry sees that an eternal war of incommensurability (987.061) might give rise to two competing orders, such that awareness of otherness becomes critical to the integrity of any science or core set of beliefs. There's always that complementary / missing 720 degrees (omnidirectional halo concept), a seed for negative Universe (the antithesis of Universe), both arising from the same cosmic integrity, what Ervin Laszlo calls Metaverse. Awareness of cosmic otherness begets a dialectic and synergy (symbolized for Bucky by a bow-tie).

Anyway, good meeting, good outcome, and worth saving as an operational part of my control room.

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