Monday, December 05, 2005

Another Meeting @ Wired

Trevor and I had dinner at Fujin this evening, compared notes with the owner and son about petty thievery in China (its current shape, ever shifting). I googled with my cell (466452), looking for Serenity in PDX (Trevor is enthused about it, I've yet to catch it). Met Derek on the corner of 39th, enroute to Chinese. Bid Trevor adieu at a 75 bus stop across from FixMyDeadPC.

I've been active around cyberspace per usual today, but also doing a lot of hospital work, coding in FoxPro, working on Excel spreadsheets.

Earlier this morning, I read up on music making using contemporary components and software. Some of the best GUI interfaces come from musicians. I'm consulting for a locally based pro, ready to move into the new era.

Tomorrow I'll be teaching Python some more. We started with "hello world", moved to data structures (lists and dictionaries), types (primitive and collections).

Last night, I wrote some notes about an ACM paper on pedagogy around computer programming (teaching coding to kids).

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