Friday, August 05, 2005


I'm imagining some kind of language game with syntax highlighting, symbols in motion, demonstrating the logic of a high level language: Ruby for example.

Just stepping through with a debugger is already good enough for geek television. A strong debugger even crosses language barriers, e.g. will go into the C# if that's where the problem or break point is, even if the calling code were in IronPython.

Ruby on Rails is a well designed framework for frameworks, targeted at facing a public through the web (http). Since a lot of rails is written in Ruby, the developer's comprehension of the stack will carry her quite deeply into things.

Fond memory (they're developing already): Jim Huginin, beginning his presentation with this funny remark: " the wireless microphone doesn't appear to be working, so if I trip over this cord, please all laugh loudly to help me cover my embarrassment."