Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Refugee Camps?

This seems like one of those times when we need emergency short term FEMA cities (camps really), with free rides to the new digs, efficient intake -- on sites high and dry and pre-fitted with portable infrastructure (food and water).

Get back on your feet, start a new life elsewhere.

We wonder about Tara's playmate Alana and her family, of Biloxi. They moved away from the house across the street to be closer to relatives, and were enjoying their new life. They came back for a visit around the same time I got back from my trip to Sweden. How has the storm changed their circumstances, near and long term? We pray for their well being, and that of their neighbors.

FEMA must have such plans in inventory. We've been in a war after all. Corporations will want to get their logos on record as well, to earn the good will of disaster victims everywhere (tomorrow's retail shoppers and investment bankers -- better they should feel gratitude than the sting of abandonment in a time of need).

Followup, Sept 1

I've since learned my info re Alana's family was incorrect: they were closer to New Orleans on the Louisiana side of the border. Our prayers reach out to you, wherever you are. And we continue monitoring Biloxi, looking for signs of your good works, amen.