Saturday, November 22, 2008

Twilight (movie review)

I felt privileged to accompany my daughter on this quasi reunion of Winterhaven students, now somewhat scattered to different high schools, although I had my own row, wish I'd worn my other glasses.

I worry about films that make the Pacific Northwest too appealing, as we've had a lot of immigration already (including me from Chicago), but this one shows lots of rain and gray skies, so maybe people will get the picture: Phoenix has better weather, and probably fewer undead.

Yes, a vampire movie, a classic American motif by this time, a kind of soap opera, this one based on a wildly popular trilogy among teens ("the movie is a valiant attempt" said Tara, but of course has to leave a lot out).

I'm always hopeful when I see quirky introverted guys with uncomfortable secrets (hangups?) getting dates; all one needs are incredible superpowers on the side, the premise of almost every comic book drawn by a quirky guy, seems like.

Quite the little high school they've got there, plus there's a beach, a reservation, amazing views -- but if you wanna really smash a lotta glass, that's in Phoenix.

I sound tongue in cheek, but then the film doesn't take itself too seriously either, that notion of vegetarian tofu loving vampires (a euphemism) so very Birkenstock, so funky liberal in the way we are out here.

These undead live in a Frank Lloyd Wright house like the one Harold Long designed, looks just like Lake Oswego, please pass the wine and cheese (Italiano!).