Thursday, November 06, 2008

More With Less

I chauffeured Carol to PDX this morning, having taken her out to dinner last night, at a local folks eatery (nothing too fancy).

A familiar sight in the halls of power, pushing her "congress coaster" and peacemaker agenda, she's anxious about making it to all sixty four senate offices, representatives of those states from which she has signatures, on a petition against weapons in space.

So far, the "don't-know-why" politicos have tended to cave to the manifest destiny crowd, a small authoritarian minority that believes in rule by brute force and yet feels entitled to pontificate about "freedom" and "democracy" -- sounding rather idiotic when so doing.

Then it's on to Geneva.

En route to the airport, we discussed how expat Americans who've spent time in Africa, such as herself, might be considered African American from a memetic point of view (talking about memes).

But of course many folks are fixated on genes over memes, DNA having been only recently discovered, whereas the concept of "race" is rather older, more tired, often confused with the anthropologists' concept of "ethnicity".