Tuesday, April 08, 2008

PPUG 2008.4.8

We're getting briefed on IPython, an old fashioned looking high contrast CRT style front end to the Python interpreter.

There're some gotchas plus the pager screwed up a few times, but I get the feeling our Intel guy is pretty happy with it, having done a really thorough evaluation.

I'm no IPython guru, so it's news to me, all these automagical functions.

About fourteen of us? Hi Dylan... Jason.

Not planning to stay long tonight -- too much on my plate (PPUG = Portland Python Users Group, check us out at the Python.org Wiki).

Jason wrote his own shell, based on "batteries included," to help with presentations. It includes the concept of "slides," canned content appended to the shell's source, which feeds the shell at runtime. I interrupted with some vocal praise at this point, then went back to blogging.