Friday, May 29, 2020

Regarding Facebook Policies

There's no way to fact check the billions of posts in hundreds of languages, about events and theories unfolding around the world daily. I know a lot of people obsessed with North American politics don't care at all about what's going on in the Indian subcontinent or in Africa, but tribal culture wars in the US should not dictate Facebook's practices.

The standards that do exist are difficult enough to uphold, such as keeping the platform relatively free of pornography, a challenge many platforms don't shoulder. I understand if Twitter wants to block posts "glorifying violence" but there again, what combination of algorithms and eyeballs are going to apply those standards even handedly?

A lot of frustrated individuals, feeling powerless to stop misinformation, want a big daddy / mommy tech firm to jump in and be the authority figure. The internet is distinguished by its decentralization. We don't have authority figures or big brothers by design. That wild west free-for-all atmosphere is what's valuable about these networks. Asking for crackdowns against political speech, propaganda, advertising, manipulation, misinformation, is asking for parental controls. I would prefer to not pander to this impulse.