Wednesday, February 27, 2019

What is Globalism?

In this "thoughts for the day" video, I challenge the stereotype that a "globalist" is interested in some New World Order featuring some one world government. That we have one world, in the sense of planet, is indisputable (OK, maybe "have" is the wrong word -- it has us), but there's no one world government today. Lets focus on the cybernetic truths of the present moment.

Indeed, what I bring up instead are "virtual nations" or "diaspora nations".  A lot of would-be nations failed to luck out, or had their native lands stolen from them.  Rather than read these out of history, doesn't it make more sense to include them?  We already have supranational corporations, and world religions.  Humans self organize on many "levels".

Although the battle lines were drawn, and the nationalists were keen to intimate that the globalists were the bad guys, no debate really happened.  That a globalist has to be some billionaire oligarch is also highly questionable.  Why do we settle for the "for dummies" version of everything?