Wednesday, August 30, 2017


I made this joke about "home me-o staying" (having some down time). I'm reading about Proxemics, a discipline founded by Ed Hall (anthropologist), which is the science of how humans and other animals co-organize in space.

For example what's the plan of an ideal house, what are the rooms for, and how close should you stand to someone you're addressing? What level of voice is polite. I just read a chapter comparing Brits to USers, in very broad brush stroke.

He takes Americans for having automatic neighborliness, a " kids will play with your kids" egalitarianism, whereas a British family has no expected obligations, no lending of a cup of sugar, now over the fence camaraderie.

Having lived in many parts of the US, in several states (New Jersey, Florida, North Carolina... Oregon), in many zipcodes, I'd say many neighborhoods, including suburban, are just as isolating and foam-like (Sloterdjik) as the urban.

Not that urban villages don't exist.

We don't all live in Twin Peaks, that's for sure.  It's David Lynch week in Portland, unbeknownst to me when Melody made a pit stop and reminded me of that heritage.

I'm well into Season Two, after seeing the pilot after Season One.  We're talking about a series made over twenty years ago, but recently resurrected.  I'm striving to catch up.