Thursday, December 29, 2016


some USers remain skeptical...

The Obama White House did not need to wait until the requested analysis was completed, before showing it means business when it comes to punishing perpetrators.

Like when we first heard reports from Syria, of chemical weapons being used: the White House knew immediately who was behind the attack, and barreled ahead big time, UN investigation be damned.

What Russian spies helped uncover, about the Democratic Party, apparently proved so heinous and repulsive, that the public recoiled en masse and joined the Trump train to drain the swamp.

So the question now is whether the Russians did us a favor.  That remains to be seen.  USers have at least learned an important lesson:  we're a Banana Republic like everyone else, not immune from foreign meddling.

This historic revelation, that Russia forever changed the course of American history, using tricks well known to Nigerian bankers, is going to have repercussions around the world.

Some surveys suggest USers themselves remain skeptical of the seventeen intelligence agency consensus, the same "intelligence community" that made both Colin Powell and George Tenet, and eventually the US president, seem so like idiots on the world stage.

I understand why the president-elect is reluctant to sign his name to this narrative.  Anyone hoping to "make America great again" would think twice about surrendering to this tail of defeat.  Russia is more of a world power than we realized maybe.

Given what we now know about the DNC, might that be a good thing?  Time will tell. Obama himself, judging from a last press conference, seems to think a new grass roots movement will help rebuild its image, in the wake of the latest rout.

Trump has been saying all along the Obama administration was being outplayed by Putin.  He's been hankering for a fresh start, without the baggage of so many botched opportunities.  With the US losing momentum with its "regime change" agenda, this might be a time to figure out a new strategy?

Me? I voted for Hillary because I supported the plan with Iran to create thousands of new American jobs in transportation.  The Iran Deal is good for American workers.

As we learned from Susan Lindauer (a CIA asset in the lead-up to 9-11), Iraq was prepared to buy millions of Made in the USA automobiles before Colin Powell messed up and persuaded us to attack the wrong country. The weapons testers were not happy with that Iraqi offer and railroaded us into war without telling us about it.

Lets not keep making the same mistake in thinking DC really has our best interests at heart.  If that were true, we wouldn't be where we are today.