Monday, September 26, 2016

Tesla Coil Show!

"Much of the 'general public' is involved in at least stratagems, to sell soap, real estate, used cars, health insurance... you name it. Some of the stuff you need, some you don't, and some you really don't (but they manage to sell it anyway). I wouldn't undersell the general public as all that unsophisticated. They feign contempt, but then they do it for a living."
That was me on QuakerQuaker.

Quarterworld has been on my radar, but I've been slow in going there.  Once I'd settled in for a long stay, I discovered entombed Facebook messages going back to 2010, under "Filtered".  I included some apologies.  One guy said he was really into Quadray Coordinates.  I sent him a link to my most recent mention of same, earlier that very day.

The marquee said something like Tesla Show, 4 - 9, meaning at 4, and then another show, at 9 PM.  However given my propensity for misreading stuff, I was picturing some five hour display of a Tesla's powers.  "What could that even mean?" I joked in an email.  I'd read the marquee wrong.  Each show lasts about 15 minutes, with lightning bolts synchronized to music.

I'm at the code school this Monday night, per usual, opting not to glue myself to what most USers are watching:  the Hilladon talking to itself, like Sesame Street, but a lot scarier.

Tesla Beer