Monday, August 01, 2016

API Economy

Tiny Flask App

The above is for my next class, me driving, during which we'll spiral back for a tour of "the API Economy", by inspecting the guts of a tiny Flask app, mirroring Apigee Academy principles of API design.

It's not that my app is a model for big companies, as it's too small to really mean anything.  A few chemical elements from the Periodic Table sit in a SQLite database.  Depending on which URL one uses, this data comes back as either HTML or JSON.

Not much too it.  That's the point.  The class has crash coursed its way through eight sessions, up through decorators and generators in Python.

It's about developing a reading knowledge, not necessarily walking up to a blank IDE canvas and spatting out the next Django or Web2py.  "Learn to read music even better than you can play it", might be the flavor of my approach.

Yes, I do my commas and periods "wrong", outside the quotes.  We had a Friend named Thatcher Robinson who wrote an eloquent manifesto in favor of this new convention and I fairly consistently adopted it.